The Burde at Torre a Cona Restaurant serves traditional Tuscan cooking at its most authentic.
Dine in the centuries-old Limonaia building, where the Estate’s citrus trees once sheltered in the winter. Restored brick by brick, the Limonaia is a continuation of Torre a Cona’s charm with its wood-beamed ceilings and terracotta flooring.
From June to September, lunch and dinner are served in the outdoor seating area, draped with graceful awnings and edged by our country garden. In the winter, guests experience the flavours and fragrances of traditional Tuscan cooking in the warm and welcoming indoor restaurant.
This is the place to indulge in hearty Tuscan dishes. The fourth generation of award-winning Florentine restaurateur family, Burde, brothers Paolo and Andrea Gori continue to uphold old family traditions. A century of culinary memories are secretly cherished and updated to reflect present-day tastes. Paolo’s realm is in the kitchen, while sommelier Andrea is an influential figure on the Italian wine scene. Burde is all about Tuscan cooking done properly and seasonally.
Savour traditional Tuscan dishes, such as world-famous ribollita, delicious pappa al pomodoro and other delicious regional soups, as well as local favourite tripe and perfectly prepared baccalà (salt cod). Tuscany has a love affair with meats every which way: juicy roasted meats, peppery beef stews and the succulent Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Florence’s beloved steak, grilled to perfection over embers.
Burde is where Florentines like to dine, reminiscing about past meals, considering home cooking traditions and ruminating about the world at large.
The menu at Burde a Torre a Cona draws on the expertise of this family of Florentine cooks, preparing Grandma Irene’s traditional recipes with local ingredients, choosing the best producers and recommending the best of Italian wine pairings.