Stemma Famiglia Rossi di Montelera


The Rossi di Montelera Family

Napoleone Rossi di Montelera bought the estate of Torre a Cona in 1935 from the children of Giulia Padoa and Gustavo Corinaldi. The family owned Martini & Rossi, the world famous wine and spirits company. The business was started by his grandfather Luigi (1828-1892), who, after arriving in Turin from the countryside without a penny became in a very short time an expert on liqueur and an entrepreneur. He is the author of the legendary recipe book, hand-written by his wife Marianna to his dictation, containing Martini’s main recipes. In 1911 Luigi’s children received the title of count for industrial merit, to which, in 1922, the predicate “di Montelera” was added. The family passion for winemaking continues today in new forms with the wine production at Torre a Cona, first with Lorenzo, Napoleone’ s sone and today with Ludovica, Niccolò and Leonardo, the new generation.

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Famiglia Rossi di Montelera