Wine is our passion at Torre a Cona

Grapes have been grown at Torre a Cona for centuries. The current proprietors rediscovered this tradition and revived the estate’s winemaking in recent decades.
Twenty hectares are under vine, all on the estate and with different aspects. The altitude ranges between 300 and 410 metres. The soil varies from clay to chalk, with some compact clay and limestone outcrops, known as Alberese, in certain areas. Sangiovese, Colorino, Merlot, Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca are the varieties grown on the estate.

Here’s an outline of the vineyards

Badia a Corte

Badia a Corte is the oldest vineyard on the estate. It extends across nearly one hectare at an altitude of 330 metres and the subsoil is loam with plenty of stones (sand 31%, lime 34% and clay 35%). Sangiovese is the principal variety and the average age of the vines is 30 years.


Opposite Badia a Corte, the Casamaggio vineyards unfurls over two hectares at an average altitude of 320 metres. Here too the soil is loamy with an abundance of stones (sand 38%, lime 30% and clay 32%). Colorino and Sangiovese are cultivated in this vineyard and the vines are approximately 25 years old.


The highest is Badiuzza, whose 4.5 hectares are planted entirely to Sangiovese, as an extension of Badia a Corte. At 315 metres above sea level, the terrain contains fewer stones than Badia a Corte (sand 33%, lime 30% and clay 37%).


Continuing our visit, the next vineyard is Chiusurli. Here the loamy soil with plenty of stones (sand 43%, lime 26% and clay 31%) is the perfect terrain for Merlot at an altitude of 300 metres and stretching across 2.5 hectares.


Now we take a look at Merlaia, at 300 metres above sea level and approximately three hectares planted partly to Trebbiano Toscano and partly to Malvasia Bianca. Clay is the predominant soil type with a considerable quantity of stones (sand 28%, lime 29% and clay 43%).

Mulino a vento

The youngest vineyard on the estate, Mulino a Vento, is located behind what was formerly an old mill, later converted into a tower. With an average altitude of 370 metres and extending across 2.5 hectares, the loam soil contains plenty of stones (sand 28%, lime 41%, clay 31%). Sangiovese and Colorino are the varieties planted here.

Fonte Petrini

A few years ago, the Fonte Petrini vineyard was added to the estate at 270 metres above sea level. Only Sangiovese grows in this loamy soil (sand 32%, lime 25% and clay 43%).